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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Diary Entry - 6th to 9th February, 1916

Spent with the battery. Had one day observing at Artillery House, one of the very few remaining houses in Givenchy. It would be a splendid place, if one could use one's opera glasses, but the port holes are just too small and it is a hopeless place to use a telescope. However, as it is only 300 yards to the Bosch trench, one would not need glasses there. Windy House is the place the OO [Observing Officer?] sleeps in before going to the OB and it has been well named as one wall has been knocked out of it and the bed consists of wire netting stretched across a framework. Boschie gives the OO quite a nasty fright at times, as he drops a shell on it now and again, just to show he has the range, but the brick tower is very strong and it would have to be a good shot to score a direct hit on the top of it, where it is only two bricks thick.

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