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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Diary Entry - 27th April, 1918

Gorry of the seven ones relieved me half an hour late, much to my displeasure. On arrival at the Mess find the Major and Cruikshank up on a joy ride. It remained misty during the morning but Siggers is able to calibrate in the afternoon, though only did three guns when he was chased by five nines.

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  1. We know why ‘Gorry’ was Late!!
    An amazing coincidence! My wife’s grandfather also kept detailed diaries of his time in France during WW1 and this is his entry for 27th April 1918:
    Bell – blighter – neglected to waken me so arose at 9:30 & relieved Manifold at O.P. at 10.30 am – some rush and arrived unshaved and overheated. Mist rose slightly at midday so registered & calibrated forward guns – No 2 shooting 25 yds over. 4.2 how bty making pig of itself doing prolonged shoots on Castle and Mississippi – knocked our wires about considerably. Otherwise very little excitement except remembering times for reports! Wrote home at some length. Master Corp. Howitt rolled up at 12.10 pm instead of 10 am – having left bty, at 8 am – hadn’t the heart to choke him off. Read some of Oppenheim’s short stories “For the Queen” – not very bad - & Pelmanised slightly.
    His name was Robert (Bob) Gorrie so MUST be the same ‘Gorry’ referred to in this diary entry. The back story to him being late is that his trusted batman who had been with him throughout his time in France (from May 1917) had been injured and replaced by Bell who was obviously still learning the job. I have looked but there are no other references to Manifold but amazing to think that their diary entries for 27th April 1918 are being cross referenced nearly 100 years later!