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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Diary Entry - 26th May, 1918

Go to the OP to do a 24-hours duty and notice as we pass the section that No.1 gun has jammmed and not run up - probably some springs smashed. Relieve Gough and find Flemming and an 8' merchant shooting at TM emplacements so don't get a look out till about two p.m. as the Major took hours to fire his 48 rounds. The Hun was also very unpleasant and kept putting them very close to us. In the afternoon the Hun artillery became very active and began knocking our trenches about very badly and what is more we could see most of his guns blazing off. At five p.m. the fire became a regular bombardment ad I really thought the Hun was going to make a small attack. However, after carrying on at gun fire till eight p.m, with TMs and every gun he had, the front quietened down except for a few pepper shell which caught us unawares for a minute or two.

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