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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Diary Entry - 22nd July, 1918

Register after lunch as the Hun rather spoilt our plans in the morning. The men were working with the ammunition, carrying it out from the ravine to the pits, and I was on my way out to lay out the line of fire with a director and ruminating in my mind as to whether a Hun balloon sitting on the crest could see us or not when over came a pip squeak landing 25 yards over. It was a good ranging round and we thought it a fair enough warning so went for the dug out with four or five more rounds after us. The old Hun then shoved over a few rounds onto the dug out, then gave it up. It was four in the afternoon when he went down and we finally got registered. After dinner we went to D36 and played some bridge and there was a deal of revoking when the Hun started popping 5.9s and pipsqueaks into the same valley and they seemed to be almost bouncing off the concrete walls of the Mess. As soon as it grew quiet, the Major and I got back and turned the men out for action. We fired the barrage all right and pulled out without molestation at three fifteen a.m.

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