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Friday, 23 August 2013

Diary Entry - 23rd August, 1918

Rode to St Amand directly after lunch, the guns having pulled back to the wagon lines to await orders. When we arrive at the town mayor's, find him out, and he has arranged nothing, but this is the usual way that sort of person treats you. As we are wondering what's to be done, some infantry march up and bury two officers and, on approaching one of their officers and stating our difficulties, he gives us some men to dig a grave, and their Padre offers to take the service. When the grave was finished, we carried on, but before we could place poor Cruikers at rest had to lengthen it as he was a good six foot one and the grave was not quite long enough. On returning to the wagon lines, found guns had to be moved forward again to a position to north west of Courcelle-le-Comte, which the Major was reconnoitring, and we got guns and ammunition in at dusk.

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