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Monday 9 September 2013

Diary Entry - 8th September, 1918

An awful gale blowing and on going to Vrancourt to see our adjutant Vaisey buried - he had been killed on Saturday by almost a direct hit while trying to get DAC horses clear of a Sunken Road outside his HQ - hear that my leave to Australia is granted from Capt Pelham and waste no time but start for rail head that night.

Lt Hoyland and 2nd JA Nicholson killed a few weeks later while souvenir hunting in a village west of Cambrai.

Diary Entry - 7th September, 1918

The sugar refinery was our position and the RE were busy putting power pump in order at all speed and water was produced in gallons at eight p.m. and think we were first to get our horses there.

Friday 6 September 2013

Diary Entry - 6th September, 1918

Enemy very active with long range guns all night, throwing them at random anywhere at all. Several periods were very unhealthy, but it was no use moving as shells were falling everywhere. Several times crawled out of bed into a trench and one dudd landed very close. However, in morning very relieved to find no casualties. Horses moved toVrancourt in afternoon as shells still falling about, even back there, as Hun seemed to know that our engines with trains were hauling the necessaries for guns and men to a rail head here, even though it had only been in our hands about three days. The guns went forward near the canal yesterday, to position near Doignies.

Thursday 5 September 2013

Diary Entry - 5th September, 1918

 More battling for water, all kinds of promises made by the gilded staff but nothing forthcoming.

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Diary Entry - 4th September, 1918

Much anxiety for the horses as only watering is from a well head with bucket in the village and this usually entails standing for two hours in a queue to get near the precious liquid.

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Diary Entry - 3rd September, 1918

Limbers and wagons ordered up at eight a.m., remainder get under way at ten thirty a.m., and we are all to rendezvous in a previously arranged valley. However, on arriving at intended spot - and waiting for orderlies from guns and receiving none - go out in search and find everything streaming on over the sky line towards the enemy. After a long ride, find the brigade in a small valley just in rear of Morchies and eventually get everything along there, after losing water cart for hours, and several other vehicles. The Hun seems from reports to have footed it over the Canal du Nord which runs through Cambrai.

Monday 2 September 2013

Diary Entry - 2nd September, 1918

During night, orders received to stand harnessed ready to march at five a.m but at six a.m. orders were cancelled and, on riding forward to brigade to learn the situation, hear 62nd have again failed - also hear Canadians have broken through south of Scarpe at Arras and are well into the gap. Australians well through Peronne and on Mont St Quentin.

Sunday 1 September 2013

Diary Entry - 1st September, 1918

Battery go still further forward to near the Beugnatre Vaux Vraucourt Road at three thirty a.m. and fire a barrage for the 62nd Div to attack at dawn, but they failed to clear the village of Vrancourt, although tanks assisted and got right through the village. Several tanks whom we saw said the village was ours if the infantry had followed.