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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Diary Entry - 21st December, 1915

We paid for the two fine days we had, as it rained solidly all day today. In the morning, having written a letter or two, I thought I would try to learn the Morse code. An hour was sufficient to tire me of it, and I don't think I knew much of the alphabet at the end of it. After lunch, Kellagher and self went along to the corner to catch a wagon - or bus, as we call them - to Beuvry, but there seemed to be none running our way. Kellagher then remembered that they come that way and go back by Annequin, so we walked up the road to where the Annequin road joins the main road. On the way, we called in at the engineers, to get our matériel - or see if it had come. We found a very decent old Sergeant Major there, who looked after our interests very well. Then we went on and caught our bus at the corner and had a nice ride to Beuvry. Our object in going to Beuvry was to get some soda water siphons but, after speaking very nice French, we found that they were unobtainable, and so we caught another bus home.


  1. *splutter*
    soda water siphons ... yes the war has been superimposed over normal living.

    Goodie goodie ... Annequin ... shall go find.

  2. Today I have included Annequin on the map as EWM caught a 'bus' from the intersection of Rue d'Annequin and Rue de Cambrin into Beuvry to cadge soda siphons from the village to no avail.

    Link is here