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Friday, 1 July 2011

Diary Entry - 29th June, 1916

Siggers returned from leave, arriving when we were in the middle of lunch, looking very fit and pleased with life. At two thirty pm, we three subalterns started out across Lorette Heights for Bully to see if we could collect any furniture we left in our old Mess. The walk - about four miles - took us an hour and on arrival found a General in possession of the place. We tackled a staff captain without success. He said four brigades had been in since we left and the frniture had been handed over to them intact with the house. Coming back as we walked over Lorette a man (sub) talked of putting us under arrest for walking across in front of his OP but, as we were miles back and inconspicuous to the Bosche, I don't know how he could see the line at all. However, he belonged to that wonderful division, the 47th, who have had so many medals thrown at them.

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