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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Diary Entry - 28th June, 1916

Wednesday it was raining when I got in for breakfast and it continued steadily until twelve thirty am. After lunch, I rode over to Noeux les Mines, where I caught a bus or lorry and went into Bethune. Siggers was returning from leave and, when I enquired at the station what time the train arrived, found the timetable had been altered and the train did not get in until one thirty am. I thought there was a mistake and so waited until six pm, filling in time with a cup of tea and visiting my old billet at Rue de Poterne. At six pm I went back to the station and enquired of the RTO when the train got in and he confirmed the other report I had received, So there was nothing for it but to leave horses for Siggers in Bethune and send the Mess cart in as well, while I returned to Lorette.

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