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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Diary Entry - 28th September, 1916

Walford: Thursday, Colonel Newcombe and Thalborn were here in the morning, discussing the brigade and division, and all came to the conclusion that the division were running things as badly as possible. In the afternoon, we had to put up a barrage so as the infantry could attack Hessian and Stuff Redoubt, but no results reached us and we continued firing all night.

Bee: It rained hard last night and has made things very uncomfortable. We had another show to the left of Stuff Redoubt yesterday. Our men were seen to go over the hill but we have not heard if they established themselves. I was at the guns all day. Oakley had a nasty time. He went forward to see if he could find a new OP and started out before the attack started and got caught in the Hun barrage. A machine gun got onto them and where they ran they found dead men who had evidently been killed by its fire.

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