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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Letter Home (Bee) - 27th September, 1916

15th Battery RFA

Dear Mother and Father

I am afraid I have missed this week's mail, but we got very short notice to buzz off out of our old position and take up a new one. This is just a short note to say I am, but we have not much time to write. We are spending a few days down at the "show". I think it is the closing of the season. We have been shooting for five hours and are still going, at this minute. From what little news we have got, it is a huge success right along the whole area. I would not have cared to be in Bosche's shoes when we opened the ball this morning. The air was fairly black with stuff from our guns. We had not time to attend to our batteries and here they started to walk out of their front line as soon as we started and give themselves up in hundreds. Two prisoners arrived here at the beginning of the show and were put to build a compound for themselves and the rest of their kind. The wearther has played into our hands this time and it has been beautifully fine. I trust we won't be here when the winter comes on, as it will be awful in the wet. There are no roads and very few places where you can walk that have not been turned up by shells. There are two or three Hun batteries in front of our position, which had been put out of action before we arrived. You would think they were made of matchwood the way they are knocked about.

Much love

from your loving son


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