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Monday, 10 December 2012

Diary Entry - 10th December, 1917

Beautifully clear day. Nice sun shining. I went up to the OP just over the crest with Vosper and had a splendid view. The light was perfect and Cambray/in[?] looked within reach of our guns even. We walked across the canal and got along the sunken road where there was a hung trench mortar still in its emplacement, no one having moved it since its capture. It looked a nice little toy and was the same type as our Stokes. We then turned off the road into a trench and got another good glimpse of the country from there. Not very far on to our right we could see the famous Scottie of TM registering the seven ones. We got back about ten forty-five a.m. and Major Mills and Captain Heebit called, staying till nearly twelve, imbibing much whiskey to keep the cold out. Woolsey, the gas officer, also turned up. In the afternoon Barrett and Siggers turned up – at least they came for lunch. In the afternoon, the Hun shelled a six-inch howitzer battery down near the spoil heap behind Havrincourt and funnily enough was enfilading them with a 10-centimetre gun but never hit them, always dropping over them or just short.

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