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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Diary Entry - 1st December, 1917

Rise at five forty-five. See the horses watered and fed then hit out for the guns at about six a.m. I was somewhat surprised to find two batteries of 60-pounders down the road all pointing due south and on getting through Havrincourt to find horses and men moving about as usual in full view of Bourlon wood. On reaching the guns found they knew nothing and so I could give them quite a lot of information about the situation in the south. It never seemed to dawn on them how close we were to being cut off and I don't think it dawned on many of us how close we had been to a disaster as, if the Hun had not been stopped where he had, two corps at least would have been captured. As it was a CRA and an RTO were amongst the captured and that is saying a good deal. On getting back to the lines, I find Armytage has collected a motorbike and wants me to set her going. He had got it off the salvage dump. There was not anything very wrong, though it had received very bad treatment, as most of these government machines do.

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