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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Diary Entry - 24th August, 1918

Move wagon lines to Douchie where RE had water and troughs in full swing and the whole world seemed to be concentrated round about Douchie even before we arrived there and thousands more horses came crowding up all day. We had a section and one howitzer standing in readiness to advance from guns all day and it was some job trying to supply all wants for guns and wagonlines, especially as I had to stand by at the guns with the teams for the section ready to go forward, but felt very pleased at having Hoyland with us again as of course he knew the ropes from A to Z, although only holding subaltern rank now. The forward or galloping section was withdrawn to wagonlines at dusk, and I got back to Douchie about nine p.m. feeling very dusty and tired.

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