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Friday, 11 March 2011

Diary Entry - 11th and 12th March, 1916

Nothing of interest happened on the 11th. On Sunday, we gave a large dinner party. The guests were Colonel Kerwin, Major Powell, Waldren, Barham, Luiller. All day it was expected that Kellagher had to go to the 9th as captain – in fact, he had reported — but at dinner Luiller announced that he was to be captain of the 48th, which cheered him up immensely. The evening ended about one am.


  1. I was pondering the names of some of these - and realise that 'Luiller' may be Quiller?.. i.e. Lt B B Quiller-Couch, who was 36th Brigade adjutant. (and later commanded 9th Battery in 41st Brigade)

    Not sure on 'Barham' - is the spelling clear?There was a 2Lt E G Barkham in the Brigade least in 1915..not sure what happened to him.

  2. Thanks Dne - I might change it to Quiller. Although my grandfather writes 'Luiller', it might just be the name they called him familiarly - 'Quiller-Couch' would certainly have been a mouthful. I will check his writing re Barham and possibly change it to Barkham anyway, since he may simply have misheard the name and never seen it written down.