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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Diary Entry - 17th March, 1916

In the morning, Siggers and I went up to the battery and, on returning via the Corrons behind 18th London battery, ran across some very well insulated wire, with three strands in it, lying in the open, with one end buried in a trench. We reported our find to Kellagher and captain. After lunch, the former said, 'That is just the stuff we want – we will get it tonight.' At two thirty, Siggers and I went to the wagon line and then on to Noens-les-Mines for a ride, picking up Hoyland at the WL. That evening, after dinner, Siggers went to the wagon line and changed places with Hoyland. Kellagher, Hoyland and self at seven captured 200 yards of wire and returned unmolested with it over our shoulders to the Mess. It will be excellent for the bells and light at the next position.

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