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Friday, 4 March 2011

Diary Entry - 4th March, 1916

Rise again at five to five, this time an hour late. Dress hurriedly and rush off with Hoyland, without breakfast. It is snowing and beginning to get light, so we trot the three miles without a stop and ride right up to the trench. On hurriedly climbing the hill through the snow, Hoyland loses his way and we wander about the hillside in the open for about 15 minutes, and finally see some people laying a wire on our right and make for them. It is Lee Warner and his telephonists, and Hoyland at last finds the OB, and we spent a very cold day in the damp dugout, as it snows most of the day. When it finally clears at four, there is a splendid view, but it is too cold to admire it for long.

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