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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Diary Entry - 12th March, 1917

Walford: During the night it rained heavily and, on waking up, I found that most of it was running into the mess. I did not get much sleep as the Bosch puts shells (gas) uncomfortably close to us and I had visions of being gassed in my sleep. The rats were also troublesome, several of them taking me for a corpse and walking over me. When they got up near my head I was rather frightened of being minus an ear in the morning. Talking about corpses, I forgot to mention that, when we first came up, they were lying all over the place, but the padre came up one day and covered most of them – most of them were pretty bleached. I went to the four eights for breakfast and the major fired about 750 rounds on Loupart wire ,which was not bad with five guns and considering the time he took. We used to go to bursts of five rounds gunfire or battery fire one second with interval. The light was not too good and it was showery. We had a new Sub posted to us named Evans. The 15th had a man namedShapland posted.

Bee: Spent the day in bed, feeling rather miserable. Had a letter from the Colonel, asking me to go and be his adjutant as Thorlburn was going to the 71st Battery. I wrote and asked if he would excuse me, on the plea of being such a fool at that work. It is thought a fine job by many, but I should far sooner be with a fighting unit any day. I will be getting into the bad books, as that is the second privilege I have refused – the RHA and then Adjutant. I hear I have been put in for a second pip. The orderly officer, Conover and Sanger were in here today. And on top of that a new Sub, Shapland, turned up.

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