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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Diary Entry - 8th March, 1917

Walford: X day for Grevillers. The light was good and Bromley, who had slept at the guns, went to the OP to shoot wire, and I went to the guns. The Colonel was round as soon as I arrived and seemed well pleased with affairs. We fired only 150 rounds as there were continual showers of snow. In the evening Oakley did liaison with the infanteers. Also in the evening the DAC had a team knocked out on the Bapaume road near our turn off. The Bosch kept shelling the road, searching up and down it - someone at last must have been doing some observing.

Bee: More snow last night and frost. A very cold wind all day. Just as I was coming back from Staples, I met Walrond coming up the road. I nearly fell over with surprise as I never thought he would be back before Claudet. He was full of buck and brought back all kinds of toys- a new scheme map board, two or three thermometers, registration books and whatnots. He was great on the submarine question as said had some valuable information that we had bagged a sub every day last month. Claudet, he said, had got an extension of leave for his eyes and has now to wear glasses. He will want a good many pairs as he will break such a lot.  

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