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Friday, 13 July 2012

Diary Entry - 13th July, 1917

Walford: OP all day. After lunch go down to the Mill just south of La Bassee road, intending to shoot on the brickstacks. Going down one goes through some very long tunnels, all lit by electricity and the second one takes you to the Mill. I tried two spots, one a very good one, which was approached by crawling up a tiny hole hanging onto a rope and the other one was a post. In both places, a periscope had to be used as one was very close to the Bosche front line. After trying all this, I find they use a fuller phone on the line, which is useless on a long line as it buzzes the whole time you are speaking. The only way to do any good would be to run a wire out and it would have to be a very long one.

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