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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Diary Entry - 3rd July, 1917

Walford: Tuesday. On sloping into breakfast, I was rather alarmed to hear that we had four casualties in the brigade and that Hortayne was not expected to recover, being very badly wounded in the head. It appears the bombs had all dropped down near Brigade. They were small ones which burst the moment they hit the ground. The men who were wounded were Mills, (Major, D36), Hortayne, Buckmaster, McKinlay. There was only the one bad one, the rest were just slight leg and arm wounds. Siggers and I took a small ride in the morning, returning a few minutes before stables, so we filled in the time trying to get some strawberries and cream, without success. I spent most of the day trying to get some information from Vosper as to the detached section. This I eventually gained, about five in the evening. Somewhere about that time an order came round that all horses were to be removed from Bethune before dark, as the civilians said the horses drew fire.

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  1. The poor sods in the trenches. There was never a moment they could feel safe. And the war still had nearly 20 months to go. Maybe it was fortunate they didn't know that.