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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Diary Entry - 8th July, 1917

Walford: Sunday. Relieved by Jones at nine a.m., soon after I got back to the Mess, Fleming from the DAC arrived with six men. Fleming I sent up to the OP to learn the front, while the men went to report to the ninth section. Soon after the DAC arrived, an infantry officer by the name of Grahame of the 15th HLI arrived too, being posted for four days. After lunch John arrived in a small Singer. He took me to the wagon lines where we had tea with Hoyland and then on to their Mess at Mazingarb. There were five of us for dinner, two men came from another anti section and they gave us a very good spread. It was rather funny to be motored home about ten thirty p.m., a luxury never experienced out here before by yours truly.


  1. I think that this Fleming is probably 2Lt Henry Macpherson Fleming