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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Diary Entry - 2nd March, 1918

Very cold, strong east wind. Padre and I set out for 48th CCS to see Shapland and it was so cold riding over the plains that I felt like turning back, the wind simply cut your face like a knife. We found the hospital the other side of Ytres and an MO told us Shapland was very serious and, although he knew us in going in to see him, he looked to me very much like a loser in the great game of life. Padre and I rode on to Etricourt in a young blizzard then back across country in the teeth of the wind and snow. In the afternoon an organ, (collapsible type) arrived for the Padre, being sent out by the colonel. It was in a somewhat rocky condition when it arrived but the wheeler righted it and we had it going well in the evening.

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