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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Diary Entry - 6th March, 1918

Do FOO in artillery lane but it was very hazy and could only see little individual movement, which I occasionally went to gunfire on and made the Huns keep undercover. Robson came up in the afternoon and we registered the tank. At night I did liaison with the 2nd OX and Bucks commanded by Colonel Crosse. They had all been with the battalion some time and were nice men, which is rather unusual as a gunner officer always feels rather out of it when doing liaison. They had great stories about the Hun coming over on the tenth and quite put the wind up me.


  1. the 2nd Ox & Bucks commander would seem to be Captain (Brevet Major) acting/Lt Col Richard Banastre Crosse, who had gone to France in August
    1914 with the same Battalion as a Lieutenant.. and survived the war