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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Diary Entry - 20th June, 1918

Make for Arras at seven thirty in order to catch a lorry which was to leave the Octoir at eight a.m. for St Amand and the new gun positions we are to take over. We had (a representative from each battery) a fairly rough journey and arrived at Mouchy-le-Preux about eleven a.m. calling at RAHQ on the way. This was the day Major Scott joined the battery and we found our guide and the captain of battery we were to relieve and off we went. After a good three mile walk we reached the position, which, on first appearances, did not look too good and the mines for living in looked as if they would fall down if anyone sneezed, as all the frames had been removed and someone had put in corrugated iron against the roof, with props to hold it up very few and far between. After lunch we returned to the village, picked up the lorry and went back to our wagonlines, having a rough 24-mile ride.

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