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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Diary Entry - 25th June, 1918

Stay at the guns all day and in the evening take the forward gun to another position and eventually get it settled in about twelve a.m. just on the edge of Douchy village. On returning to the battery find Major Scott asleep and Barrett informs me he had dined well though unwisely at D36 so there was nothing for it but to set to and work out the barrage. This was rather a nuisance as if the Major had not told me he was going to work it out as I went forward I should have come back a little earlier. Just got the barrage ready for the No. 1s by one thirty, zero hour being two a.m. The 23rd Fusiliers were doing the raid and the barrage being over at two twenty and no retaliation coming from the Hun lines we turned in. The Major was still sleeping heavily with all his clothes on so we left him as he lay.

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