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Monday, 3 June 2013

Diary Entry - 2nd June, 1918

Cruikshank goes up to the guns in the afternoon and I accompany him to see the Captain. Barrett comes back with me and as we cross Roclincourt Valley the Hun opens on the Ecurie balloon with 8' shrapnel, making it very nasty in the lines, as all the pieces fall about there, we being in the line of fire. The first round seemed very close but had no effect on the balloon-atic. All he did was to move his lorry along the road, the cable and winding gear being attached to it. Though several heavy bits of metal, weighing anything up to 40 lbs, were found about the wagonlines, no-one was hit and we were all glad when the balloon descended about seven p.m. and the Hun gave up the shooting.

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