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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Diary Entry - 11th January, 1916

A very boring day, packed full of lectures, beginning at eight forty-five and continuing till twelve forty-five. Well, by eleven, everybody was in a comatose state and sat there like statues. There were two more lectures at two and five thirty respectively in the afternoon. I chummed up with a South Irish Horse man named Jameson and we had a look around in the evening.


  1. Yes, this does not surprise me. I took him to be man of action.

  2. I like the 'like statues'. Given he's artillery, a lot of what he's being forced to listen to probably holds very little interest.

  3. something on this man: Jameson, Geoffrey James, later Captain, South Irish Horse
    son of J.O. Jameson - left Hazelwood School in the summer of 1902 for Wellington College, leaving in 1905 and going on to Trinity College Cambridge in 1907. After the war he lived at Dolland, Clonsvila, in County Dublin

  4. As always, dne1, fascinating to have some information to fill out the bare details - my grandfather was at Jesus, Cambridge, so perhaps that gave them a bit in common.