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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Diary Entry - 12th January, 1916

We were all put into a lorry and jolted over bad roads to a town called La Beuvierre, where we had to bundle out and pair off with sergeants. We were given a scheme which we had to report on. It was something about moving a battalion and was pretty average bilgewater to write a report on, as everyone had a different idea. The reports were discussed at twelve, and at one we proceeded to an estaminet to eat sandwiches. The estaminet being crowded, Jamison and I went into a small miners cottage and sat by the fire. We issued forth at two and found everyone paraded, waiting for us. They paraded before time. In the afternoon, a sapper took us and showed us how trenches should be dug and talked a lot more bilge. Then we came home. There was the usual lecture at five thirty.


  1. This reminds me of the mandatory holiday composition that children wrote after the summer holidays: We went to the beach. We played in he sand. Father fell asleep. We went home.

    Don't think I have La Beuvierre ... mm ... not on the map I use ... town at some distance but a bad road ...

    Found the place where Walford did the boring training. Spelt 'Labeuvriere' with a grave, and is in the opposite direction to the front, which makes sense.

  2. Aha. Shall look. I like the way he and Jamison have become firm friends and are now the naughtiest boys in the school.

  3. *grin*
    Funny to think of a GGF as 'naughty' ...