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Friday, 7 January 2011

Diary Entry - 7th January, 1916

A day at the guns, with very little firing done on our part, but a wee bit done by the Bosch. At eleven, Boschey dropped a 4 cm HE rather close to an infantry working party digging trenches in front of my billet. They then lengthened and frightened some of our men, who were working on No. 6 gun pit, with shrapnel. He afterwards switched to Annekin for about twenty minutes, after wounding two men, one badly, behind No. 1 gun pit. For the rest of an hour, he shelled round about No. 1 but, luckily, none of our men were hit. At eight thirty pm, Kellagher walked into the Mess, having returned from leave.


  1. I think it is spelt 'Annequin'. I have added it to the map. It is in the centre of their 'area'.

  2. You are right. I must change it.