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Monday, 24 January 2011

Diary Entry - 24th January

We had the usual drill in the morning and, as I was in a section of four men, I was completely lost the whole time, as did not know whether we were in a column of sections or fours. Whichever way you turned, you were in the same formation. Our lefthand man was also very bad. He would never halt to let us form on him. General Golfe gave us a pamphlet lecture at ten and that ended the business. We all stayed in
Béthune for lunch and I rode out to the battery in the afternoon, which is right alongside the La Bassée canal (south side), only about a mile north of our Cambrin position. On arrival, I found Siggers at the guns with the new captain, who takes Griffith's place, and an attached subaltern, who is on tour. Griffith apparently left on the day the battery moved. He has gone to take over a Canadian battery. In the middle of tea, Quiller comes in and tells us we are to take a week's rest at the wagon line, which at present is practically in Béthune, while some 33rd Division people take over our position, to have a week's target practice. We are to leave on Wednesday and Kellagher, who is at the wagon line, is to come up and take care of the Mess and see that they carry on with our gun pits, which are in a state of being remodelled.


  1. Read this last night and went looking for the canal in modern day Bethune, travelling along in street view. Will try again this morning but need shower and coffee first.

  2. I hadn't thought of street view. I must have a look. It would be great to have a picture of where all this took place.