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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Diary Entry - 22nd June, 1916

In the morning, I went down to the East Anglian dump to get some paint and staples, the latter were obtained all right, but not the paint. It was extremely hot and muggy when I got back and was not surprised in the afternoon when at four thirty we had a very heavy thunderstorm with sheets of rain. Titler of D36 battery was in for tea, he and Suttie going on to the infantry after the storm was over. Suttie was looking very green all morning and was disturbed at ten thirty by the Colonel when he was trying to sleep the night's effects off.


  1. A few weeks before the Brigade had gained a 4 gun Howitzer Battery D/44 (made up of section of 47Bty and section 56 Bty both of XLIV Brigade - also in 2nd Division- which was broken up). This was commanded by Captain Patrick Seton Fraser-Tytler .. and becomes D Battery 36thBrigade. I think the Brigade also had a new colonel - not mentioned so far..

  2. What a spectacular name - Fraser-Tytler. As ever, thank you, dne1