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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Diary Entry - 8th June 1916

At nine, I set out for my horses, which were to be waiting for me in the wood near the brigade at nine fifteen. There was no sign of them when I got there at nine thirty am and, on searching the surroundings, I could not find them. On calling up on Murdoch, he gave me a chit to th Brigade Sergeant Major - commonly known as the 'pork butcher'. He was very obliging and gave me his own horse, which, he informed me, was a good mount. It was then ten fifteen and I had to be at the wagon line some six miles away by ten thirty, as the DVS was to be there to see the horses. Luckily I picked up my horse before going far and got down there in under the half hour, finding that the old boy had not arrived. He rolled up in his car at eleven and, after having all the horses filed past, evacuated nine for suspected skin disease, five of which were perfectly all right. Beyond promulgating a court martial, there was nothing else to do down there, so I returned, getting back by twelve pm.

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