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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Diary Entry - 2nd January, 1918

Come down to breakfast at seven a.m. and go on to Flesquiere OP. The light was fairly good in the early morning but snowstorms kept blowing up and it became very patchy. However, while it was good I registered a copse with a section and placed it where I thought it was in the Hindenburg line. Captain Hewitson, the Major and Lambkin came up - the latter had a try on a house near the Sucrerie, but he was very slow and I could not see what he was hitting. His exhibition just showed up how very little a subaltern coming out from London does know, even with the training he gets these days. There is no doubt experience goes for a lot in shooting. Soon after they go in it becomes very thick so I come in at four thirty p.m.

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