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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Diary Entry - 9th January, 1918

As the General was to honour us with a visit, we had stables at ten a.m. Everything was looking spotless when Saunders arrived about ten forty-five a.m. but he took a very hurried glance round, remarking on the brilliance of the harness, the Colonel was poking his nose everywhere and asking me all kinds of strange questions about horses' hoofs, Nissan huts, et cetera. It snowed all the afternoon, ending with a rise in the temperature at seven and consequently a thaw. The Colonel gave a short lecture in the evening in 71st Bty Mess on the 7.0.0 and his duty, it mostly referred to the incidents of the 4th when our barrage was a bit late in coming down owing to communications.

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