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Monday, 7 January 2013

Diary Entry - 6th January, 1918

Lambkin, Siggers and I went to church in the village, held in a YMCA tent, a very cold looking spot. The whole tent was bristling with ice as it was still freezing and bitterly cold with a fair west wind blowing. Armytage, Siggers and self stayed for communion and there were about ten men as well. In the afternoon we had the wheeler working in the hut, putting up screens to keep the draft down. We also put two tents, one over each end of the hut. This also helped to keep out the gentle zephyrs that usually blow between the inside lining of the hut and the roof. All this work made the hut ever so much warmer and we knocked all the forebricks out of the stove, greatly improving it too.

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