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Monday, 10 January 2011

Diary Entry - 10th January, 1916

I had notice that I was to report at the 6th Field Ambulance, Béthune at ten am. As this meant an early start, I rose at seven, had breakfast at eight and left per horse and groom at eight forty-five. I called in at the wagon line to see the Sergeant Major about a wagon for servant and kit and then hurried on to town. It took some time to find the school, but I finally arrived with twenty minutes to spare. We had one short lecture in the morning and then went to find our billets and Mess with interpreters. I got into a Mess which is very comfortable, with the pick of the people in it, and I also got a very nice billet in the Rue de Poterne. The only lecture in the afternoon was at five thirty.


  1. Sociall, it is light years ago ... Rue de Poterne in Bethune ... shall go locate ... all added to map, but you will need to click on the larger version and then zoom into the town to be able to see it properly.

  2. I'm beginning to think I might want to go to Bethune one day.

  3. yes, I can understand that.

    I will be in Paris from March 29 til April 28 ...

  4. Lucky you. I shall look forward to seeing photographs on one of your blogs