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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Diary Entry - 12th April, 1917

Walford: It snowed hard all night and, on waking in the morning, found the entrance all drifted up. The servants had to get to work with shovels and clear the passageway in. A cold wind was blowing so remained in the Mess all day, as there was nothing to do. In afternoon, Kershaw registered the battery from [illegible].

Bee: Had a very heavy snowfall last night - about 6 inches - which has nearly all melted now. And everything is very slushy. Thought we would have moved today, as the Colonel would not let any of the battery commanders move from their positions. One of the La Hore Battery's OS came and inspected our position and said he was coming in here. Been very cold all day. A new Subaltern arrived called Ball. He has been out in Gallipoli and Egypt.


  1. the new officer is 2Lt Howell Thomas Ball.
    The other Divisional artillery named here,and previously, is that of the Lahore Division - an Indian Army unit.

    1. Too sad to discover this comment and then read his name in the grim list in today's entry