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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Diary Entry - 19th April, 1917

Walford: Dug hard all day, putting the finishing touches on filling sand bags and building two sloping walls to support the roof. It was a dull day and turned to rain for the best part of an hour towards midday but cleared again. Two more guns came up in the morning and Bailly registered them in the afternoon on a house right of Oppy. In the evening we got all the Mess kit and cook house moved and had an iron roof on the mess.

Bee: Much finer today, the ground is drying up very fast. Did a bit of shooting today. After lunch I took Kershaw down to his new position and they fairly put the wind up us. I have never fallen into a shell hole quicker in my life. He was putting over salvoes of 5.9 in, really shooting at a railway bridge, but they were very erratic. Got quite a good view of the country today, You can see most things from just in front of the position.

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