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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Diary Entry - 6th April, 1917

Walford: Friday. Quite a sunny morning but a strong north wind was blowing with a deal of cold in it. We sent a party of 12 men to church, Hoyland and I also going, but we both the sole occupants and no one else sent any men. It was rather a shame as they were warned of the fact it was Good Friday and might have made an effort to send some men. Towards evening, the sky became overcast and it was again showery. Bosch shelled battery to the north of us in the evening and pumped several right in amongst them, killing one man, wounding three men and killing four horses. Needless to say they made a hasty exodus and found new lines nearer Gouy Servins. Rain set in at four thirty p.m and continued steadily until late at night.

Bee: Last night was the first time we have been able to go to bed before one a.m. The barrage scheme generally does not come in until eleven and then it takes about two good hours to work it out. So far, from cold, we have lost 10 horses. I went up with Claudet to cut wire. At midday it started to rain and it rained heavily until nine p.m. Another practice barrage today. Z day has been put off 24 hours. Our mess is the limit tonight, leaking like a sieve. There was a very fast Hun plane over today, which brought down three of our planes in less than half an hour, and then he went home - not bad work off his own bat. I saw one poor fellow come down in flame. But, even as he came down, under control, which I think was wonderful.

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