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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Diary Entry - 20th June, 1917

Walford: After lunch, Hoyland and I rode over to Mt St Eloi to see some Corps Sports taking place that day. On entering the ground, I ran across Kirby, a man I had trained with at Ipswich. He was with the 31st Div and had been to Egypt with them. We stayed until five and saw some quite good jumping, the VC race and pig sticking. It seemed quite a well-run performance and there were some very good turnouts there. The 9th Battery took the best gun or wagon turnout. On our way home, we hunted for RE material at Marveuill, without success. The four of us dined at the officers' club in Arras that night - quite a good spot, but it was a rotten night, pouring with rain, and Bellew and I, who walked, got very wet, but Siggers and Hoyland, who had been to Roclincourt about some business on horseback, arrived drenched. However, we had a good dinner and we walked out through the mud and slush and felt very hot on our arrival, as it was a warm night, in spite of the rain.

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