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Friday, 22 June 2012

Diary Entry - 21st June, 1917

Walford:  Thursday, Hoyland spent the day at the guns on business with the Major. I was doing Orderly Officer so rose at five thirty a.m. The day turned out showery.


  1. It is becoming very noticeable how similar the 1917 weather was to 2012 - since Feb/March the daily weather reports have been remarkably similar to those experienced in UK this year (notably wet and cold, with very few warm or bright moments, so far this year .. just that bit colder in France in 1917) .. on many occasions having been *very* grateful I was not living in a hole in the ground .. .

    I say that on another showery day in England when the rain held off enough to allow the Australian cricketers beat Leicestershire...

    1. I have been noticing that too-so much harder to put up with mud and wet when you feel you're due a bit of sun and summer. How did they put up with it, how did they remain relatively cheerful, I keep wondering. I suppose it helped that they didn 't have our perspective on the actual purpose of the struggle in which they were engaged