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Friday, 8 June 2012

Diary Entry - 8th to 18th June, 1917

Walford: Friday. Being at Aire at the 1st Army School to catch the leave train I had to ride about 7 kilometres to Berguette and catch the train from Bethune. It was very warm and on arrival of the train I was pleased to find Armytage and Connover on board - and they had a carriage too. The trip over was as usual and on arrival at Victoria I picked up Mim at 54 Victoria Street, where she was doing war work, and, after called at Coxes, went straight to Craven Hill Garden, where I found Mim had moved everything to from Batts, which was a pleasant surprise. Saturday morning, we rushed in a lot of shopping, and at five p.m. set out for Slough to stay with Mrs John Manifold at Farnham Common. The rest of my days were spent here, except one, when I went up to London to the dentist and had two teeth done. The stay at Highlands was very peaceful and pleasant and one afternoon we made a jaunt to Maidenhead and took a launch up the river, which was beautiful. Then there was only one other day when we had the car out, to Penge, to call on some people. All good things have an ending and on Sunday evening Mim and I wended our way back to London, much refreshed by the country air. The following morning Mim escorted me to the station and pushed me reluctantly off by the eight fifteen. Boarding the boat, I was again glad to meet Connover and, after circling once in mid channel while destroyers covered our retreat, we eventually got over without trouble. We passed a muggy afternoon in Boulogne, then caught the seven forty-five p.m train for Ecoivre. Connover having much luggage - mostly for the Colonel - he distributed it well and we had the carriage to ourselves, being able to stretch out on the seats. Armytage did not put in an appearance, but one never expected him to, as he never turns up to time.


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