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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Diary Entry - 27th June, 1917

Walford: Wednesday. At nine fifteen a.m., Hoyland and a supply officer of the ASC named Robinson (Capt.) set out for the battery, the latter really on a joy ride. He had never seen the trenches before. It was a warm day with thunder hanging about. After lunch, I went into Arras to draw the pay and then on to Roclincourt RE dump, to see about some paint for the transport wagons. It rained heavily while coming out of Arras but was steaming hot again before going a mile. About five thirty, Hoyland and Robinson returned, having spent their time up in Arleux Loup, shooting the new 106fuze. This is a direct acting fuze[?] used this summer with tremendous effect by heavy hows up to 9.2 inch on back line wire. Their opinion was that they could note no difference to percussion shrapnel at 2000 yards but at 3500 yards it detonated with tremendous effect, especially on brick houses, one of which they hit in Neuvirieul.

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