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Monday, 25 June 2012

Diary Entry - 24th June, 1917

Walford: Sunday. We sent 24 men to Church at Ecurie to the Cinema hall. Hoyland and I also went and met Siggers on the way. I forgot to add that he had gone the previous day as adjutant while Murdoch went on leave to Paris - he was looking for the church. We were all late but stepped into the service bravely. It has been a good day and we rode up to Roclincourt in the afternoon to collect RE material. After coming back, as Ginger was a little fresh, I took him over the jumps and he cleared them splendidly. My new horse is a remount who only has one eye, but he is a nice little bay with white stockings and better than old Tommie who was very badly gone in the legs.

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