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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Diary Entry - 12th October, 1917

Rose at three a.m. and found when I got downstairs that there was no time for tea so walked to the station in the pouring rain and after getting settled in one carriage was told that we had to ride further up the train for Bethune. The old train went along at the usual leave train gait until we finally reached Arque about twelve p.m and then steamed into Haryebrook at twelve thirty p.m On reaching Lillers at one p.m. I heard shouts of  '2nd Division get out here', so out I bundled and, on enquiring, heard we were at Ames. After lunch at an estaminet, I found two DAC horses and rode out on them in the pouring rain, which commenced soon after lunch. Reached Ames in time for tea and found everyone in billets with plenty of mud in the lines. This did not look too pleasant as it all pointed to our going north and having another winter like last year.

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