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Monday, 22 October 2012

Diary Entry - 22nd October, 1917

I get up for stables and send off five men on leave, including Sgt. Higgins and Hogg, Siggers's servant. These two came down from the guns the same night as Hoyland and got chased by shells half the way, just as he did. It rained hard in the morning until nine a.m. then a mist hung around until midday when it cleared and the sun got through. Hoyland and Nicholson went into Pop for a bath after lunch, the former lunching at brigade, sending in the Major's recommendation. Cruikshanks and I ride up to brigade for exercise and the former gets some pills from Todd for his throat. The 18th Div attacked in the morning and the General told us at Brigade that they had gained all objectives. There was very little bombing on our part of the line in the evening, mostly further north.

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