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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Diary Entry - 16th October, 1917

Nicholson and Cruikshank take their sections on driving drill and gun drill at ten thirty, while I take the other horses out on exercise. It was a cold morning and Nelson, the one-eyed horse, was rather keen on pitching me off and he met with success when we got back to the lines, but luckily I landed on my feet on the road. The Colonel met us as we were coming along the main road and walked some of the way with me. The Padre had a concert in the evening at the school but, as no one seemed to know about it, no officers went. Captain Todd also gave a lecture on first aid at the brigade at midday and the unfortunate Corporal Archer was put on the floor for a demonstration of respiration given to a gassed or drowned man.

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