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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Diary Entry - 21st October, 1917

Ever since we have been here, each night at dawn there is a continuous blowing of whistles, as the Hun planes seem to crowd over as soon as it is dusk, some going back to Poperinghe, others dropping them on the wagon line area. And he sometimes comes over in day time I believe, although he has not done so since we arrived. He uses his gothas too. Hoyland set out for the guns at ten a.m. It is a good day and in the afternoon I ride Ginger round to try to find some cover for horses and find some stables being put up by the 18th Corps, whom we belong to, quite close by. The men spend the day clearing up and knocking their bivvies into shape. Nicholson goes to 9th division HQ to see a friend of his after lunch. About dusk the Colonel turns up and we show him the stables and ask him if he will try to get them for us. Then he and Vosper go on home. Hoyland's horses came back early, as they were shelled, and so he had to walk back and never got home until six.

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