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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Diary Entry - 20th October 1917

More bad news in the morning - Lt Sherman of the 15th Bty was killed by a direct hit from a shell. He was a Canadian and was at Ipswich with us all. Poor chap was to soon get leave to Canada to be married. At two p.m. we start for the 9th Division's old wagon line. The battery we relieved was B50. Well, we had some fun getting our wagons out. One stuck and two others crashed their swingle tree bars but we bound them up and soon got underway again. We went down the road to Ypres through Brielin and crossed the railway at Rickersburg railway junction, going up a muddy lane for two hundred yards, and came into a muddy home. We had more trouble getting the wagons through the mud, but we are well seasoned to the mud now and soon got over our difficulties. Everyone shook down as best they could in bivouac and tents. Hoyland and I managed to get twelve bivouacs from the camp commandant, making all kinds of wild promises. The Hun planes were again very active at dusk, but am glad to say they kept clear of us.

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